Sorry in Advance is recruiting! Come in the Beaver’s hole!

The Beavers are now into Wh space and are now looking for new beavers to join the Dam party in our warm and cozy Beaver’s hole. We are a close-knitted group that does industry (beaver stuff you know…), PvE and is now renewing its doctrines for more WH roaming ones (PvP).

We offer the following:

  • A nice warm and cozy Dam to put your stuff in. It’s located in a C3 with LS static.
  • Caldari Factional Warfare (ones we’ll be able to join on an individual level)
  • Experimental lab to make drugs, T2 and T3 components
  • Wood working station to build all the ships and the fitting you want, aside from Super Cap and Titan because: WH
  • Some nice planets for you PI junkies!
  • Gaz sniffing
  • Mining and ninja mining
  • Black ops (in development)
  • Different out of game activities

We ask for :

  • A pulse, meaning we don’t get cyborgs/golem and the like into the dam. They rust quickly and smell real bad.
  • Register to our SeAT, so that we can emit a beaver passport to let you into the dam.
  • Canadian Time zone play time
  • Canadian’s archetype behaviours:
    • Respectful
    • Positive
    • Maple syrup lover
    • No-toxic
  • Minimum of 4 000 000 Skill points

If you’re not sure you got what it’s needed, on our discord, go to Learning and Recruitment #Playing with beavers. There you got different videos and more WH specifics that you want to get to before joining a WH group.

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Recruitement is up and runing!

Happy new year!

And now with a new show!

You can have a look on this thread here:

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