Sov Mechanic and Event Tokens

There really is no risk involved with the amount of reward that the ganker takes in because the target itself is not able to defend itself at all without the assistance of other Capsuleers. Most of whom are neutral to the target to begin with.

Being CONCORDED, Podded, losing ships and modules and ISK along with security status is not a risk seeing as how the gankers are always Alts and do not have expensive implants in that they will lose when podded. Implants that all TRUE PvPer’s and PvEr’s will use.

The only mechanic that is possible that would benefit everyone is a new Sov mechanic that would decrease the response time of CONCORD along with increasing the time that CONCORD spends at a gank site. The Sov mechanic would have an event``````````````` every few months or randomly to keep everyone their toes.

The Sov mechanic event would be similar to a Guristas Hunt event where you would gather CONCORD Tokens in 5, 10 and 25 unit values with 50 and 100 unit values being found in Low and Null Sector.

The Tokens would then be taken to stations set up by CONCORD for the event where they could be turned in. The Capsuleer could then determine the system to be affected to increase the time on station of CONCORD along with decreasing CONCORD’s response time.

The Gankers would also have the ability to increase the response time of CONCORD and decreasing CONCORD’s time on station as well by turning in another type of Token in the same denominational value as the Police Capsuleer’s tokens.

This mechanic makes the Ganker work for their gank as well making the Police Capsuleer work to increase CONCORD’s presence

Both Tokens could be sold on the market, traded or sold through contract.

It doesn’t matter what you do or how fast Concord response time is, nothing will keep you from being ganked. All they have to do is bring more ships and alpha you.

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