Space for rent

(Lisselle Rotsuda) #1

We are not a huge renter alliance so you won’t just be a number on the spreadsheet. We are also very good value for Isk :sunglasses:

We have a few systems available from our current space and we are acquiring more shortly.

Mail me for details… and we give free pie :pie:

(Ag3nt Jita) #2

I came only for the pie

(Dirty Divison) #3

I approve of this message

(Ruune en Gravonere) #4

Space Pie with Space Space thrown in now available in Scalding Pass and Wicked Creek, mail me for full details… :pie:

(Lisselle Rotsuda) #5

we have more pi :grinning: and :milky_way:

(Gruffala Jones) #6

Interested. Please send more information. Thanks,

(jaefron) #7

interested please send more info

(Letharu Polsteree) #8

interested to know if you have anything available. Please send details!!!

(system) #9

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