Space Lane Survivalists

Space Lane Survivalists is now recruiting! We are a corporation whose goal is to create a community of players of various interests. Our goal is to find new members, both new players and veterans alike, to work together and one day take a true home for ourselves in nullsec. We will achieve this goal through constant recruiting and providing a heavy indy backbone to raise funds… We currently offer,

  • A community driven environment where players can be themselves without fear of backlash for expressing their opinions.

  • A high sec system 5 jumps from jita.

-Looking to add Ore buy back program.

-Looking to add Orca support.

-Looking into LowSec PVP and/or Faction Warfare.

-Potential WH life for those who like to fly dangerous.

We recruit anyone join chat channel, SRVE or messsage D3athby M3th. Fly safe

We are still recruiting

We are still open for business

We are still recruiting

still here looking for new corp members

still here looking for new corp members

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