*Space Monks!* -Now Recruiting-

Amarrian Mission of the Sacred Word

-We are high sec based Industrialists, a Mining, Mission running and Manufacturing corporation.
-We are a role play light corporation. ‘Role play light’ means that role play is not mandatory, but your character is understood to be a part of an unfolding fictional story taking place within the larger EVE milieu.
-We are returning after a long absence, and are rebuilding from the ground up. This is a good opportunity to get into the corporation at the ground level.

What we offer:

-Free ships and modules.
-PVP and PVE training for new players
-Ore and Loot buyback at 90% Jita/ Dodixie/ Amarr Prices
-Level 1,2,3 & 4 Mission Agents
-Secured mining operations
-Low sec and Null sec roams
-Wormhole operations
-Limited Ship Replacement Programs
-No Mandatory Activities/ Casual players are fine
-Alpha and Omega clones welcome

What we expect:

-Mature and respectful attitude
-Community minded
-Sense of humour
-Self directed
-Ability to get on voice comms, Discord.

-Roleplay wise, we are an Amarrian Monastic Order who does mining, missioning, manufacturing, etc. Despite this, we are a multi-racial community with defined roles and opportunities for players from all four races.

We also seek EXECUTIVE and OFFICER class pilots.

EXECUTIVE class pilots: Executive class pilots would be the executive, directing class of our corporation.
-These pilots would be well experienced in the various occupations EVE, be financially independent, and have a demonstrable history of excellence in their chosen professions.

Positions available include:
Director of Operations, Director of Communications, Logistics Director, Security Director, and Human resources.

OFFICER class pilots: Officer class pilots would be Fleet commanders and boosters, active on EVE and in Discord, and with a demonstrable history of excellence in their chosen professions.

These positions include a generous renumeration package upon sign-up.

We are currently active in the US-Eastern Time Zone. We hope to be able to recruit people from European and Asian time zones as well, in order to have round the clock activity.

If this interests you, please send an EVE mail to Sera Kor-Azor or Adolphus Clarr.

You can also find us on our in-game channel, ‘Spacemonk’, or on our Discord server. ‘The-Mission’.

Thank you!

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