Speaker for the Dead: No Drama, all kills Low/Null sec pvp

Speaker for the Dead recruitment is open!

Speaker for the Dead started as a Caldari FW corp in 2013 of mostly RL friends and newbros coming together to learn an have fun in Eve. We have steadily grown in size and experience as we have spent time in WH space, Null, and Low Sec. We had an extended stay in AMARR FW as the founding member of Ungentlemanly Warfare Alliance, but have since moved on and Created the “Stay Feral” Alliance.

We pride ourselves on maximizing fun and cutting out drama.

Speaker Killboards: Speaker for the Dead | Corporation | zKillboard

Alliance Killboards: Stay Feral | Alliance | zKillboard

  • Are you looking for a corporation where the members are mature, good natured, generous friends, and hard fighters?
  • Are you tired of the typical meta-gaming, back-stabbing, and smacking in PvP alliances that populate
    EvE currently?
  • Are you a seasoned empire player who wants to try out Low/Null Sec space and PvP.
  • Are you a player who wishes to broaden their game and play experience with responsive leadership and no corporate/alliance tyranny?

Join Speaker for the Dead

What are the advantages of joining Speaker for the Dead?

  • PvP focused with a generous Logi ship replacement policy.
  • Capital Fleet
  • Access to mining fleets, low tax PI, low priced indy.
  • Reduced capital ship prices

What do we ask of members joining Speaker for the Dead?

  • No SP minimum
  • A positive, friendly and mature attitude; smacking 1337s need not apply
  • Participation in corp/alliance events
  • Expected to be polite and helpful to any member of BELZ and Alliance mates at ALL times

For more information on Speaker join our public channel “Speaker Recruits“
or contact Doughboy61 or Alia Feng in game

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null sec pvp here we come

Still accepting apps from folks looking to play

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Still accepting apps

Accepting individual pilots into corp and PVP corps into alliance.

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Still accepting applications from new and old pilots.

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