Special Sale For CCP Corpse

Hello, today i feel very happy thanks to the new donation from CCP Jotunn in the form of a new corpse to share with all of New Eden.

All corpse, new or old, will cost only 1B with the exception of CCP Jotunn corpse be at 10B.

Whot are you waiting for ? Get your warm corpse pillow at Jita 4-4 trade hub.

( later there will a screenshot with the corpse, i am travelling to put them in one station )

The Proof

The Station


wtb zelus
:stuck_out_tongue: contract to Silentstorm67

suggest 800m

well, better then the usual " 1isk" offer

Contract is on the way

Contract is up

Not a bump but i forgot that i left three other ccp corpses in another system, i am bringing them to jita

accpeted ty


forgot to bump, still have a dozen corpses to sell



I’ll take Jotunn and Amazon if you’ll take 6b for both

Sure, glad you come back, just give me 30 minutes and double check the caracter name, you don’t want a repeat of the last time :smiley:

Final Edit: contract is up

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