Spoopy Newbies [Brave Collective]: Wormhole Lyfe. Recruiting All Pilots, Especially EUTZ!

Branch out into wormholes with Spoopy Newbies, Brave Collective’s (not-so) exclusive wormhole corp!
Spoopy Newbies was founded by and for newbros and vets alike. It is a great place to learn about wormhole life
or to expand on knowledge you may already have!

Our strongest TZ is currently USTZ, but we would love to expand our EUTZ as well!

Spoopy Newbies is a collection of (relatively) mature pilots who like to have fun doing PVP, PVE, Industry, and just about anything Eve Online has to offer. We live in a Class 4 Wormhole with Class 3 and Class 5 statics; perfect for krabbing and finding PVP content! Our primary doctrines are armor. To name a few of our most popular doctrines:

  • Prophecies
  • Guardians
  • Legions
  • Bhaalgorns
  • Confessors
  • Deacons
  • Enyos (Fresh, never frozen^TM)
  • Leshaks & Nestors ^Coming ^Soon!

However, if you need some time to train into them, that’s no problem; we don’t discriminate what kind of ship you
like to lose.

We offer content in K-Space and J-Space alike.
Feel free to peruse our zKillboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98472700/

We don’t claim to be good, but we do claim to have fun!

Our only recruitment requirements are a good attitude, and a pulse usually helps!

If you have any questions regarding Spoopy lifestyle, please contact our recruitment team in-game, and come hang out in our in-game channel, ‘Spoopy Public’! (Feel free to message me on here as well!)



great people to fly with!

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A+ guys this corp.

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B- pilots tho^

Recruitment is still open!

Very interested in WH life and BRAVE. I’m in the process of moving but should be set up with internet by the first of FEB… I have apps that can answer eve mail and will have access to in-game stuff through the weekend… look forward to chatting with you!

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It’s been so long, BUMP!

App in, returning pilot. Anyone remember me?

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