:stableparrot: ♛ The Crown ♛ :stableparrot:

We seek active pilots to join us in null

• PVP (The Queens Guard. Fleets)

• PVE (Ratting & Salvaging, etc.)

• Industry (Construction, Reprocessing)

• Mining (Anomalies, Rorqs, Ops)

• Diplomacy / Public Relations

• Fleet Commanders (Admirals)

• All Timezones Welcome

FULL (All Characters, and Options Selected) NO EXPIRY API REQUIRED

Lets carve out a spot for ourselves among these stars. Join us :heart:

Congratulations on your travels within the heavens. You’ve made a name for yourself among these stars, but can you really say that you are content. If wealth, purpose, and family is what you seek, then my hands are your home. I have come to collect you now, for your wait is over. Beneath my sovereignty your soul will be gently caressed and we will watch you flourish. We must make you pure, and swear you in before your brethren and myself. Upon entering my kingdom you will wash yourself clean of your past and come to your family anew. Now, you’re a podling of The Crown.

Monarchy Queen

If you have any questions, or you have decided to join our ranks please send a message or mail to

Monarchy Queen


Join our channel Crown Public

Hello Monarchy Queen,

I have followed you to our new home. It is big and welcoming.  There are many new ore types to mine.  I can't wait till I can explore each and discover what hides inside.

We are still recruiting new players, remember to send me your full accountwide no expiry API to my in game mail.

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