[STAGZ] Large active null Corp looking for all pilots


Masonic Guard [STAGZ] of Evictus [IOU], part of the massive Legacy Coalition, is currently recruiting PvP/PvE/Industrialist/Miners/Explorers to join our ranks down in the region of Feythabolis.

We’re currently boasting a member base of over 150+ active pilots in an alliance with over 2500+ pilots, who are very experienced in the fields they specialized in.

Choose your interest :

PvE Ratting : Access to TrueNull systems (-1 sec status systems) which yields the highest ratting numbers you can possibly get in all of null space.

PvE Exploration : Abundant valuable anomalies you can explore region wide.

Miners : Access to valuable R32/64 moons, enormous asteroid and ice mining fields, with Corp buy back for everything you mine if you choose to sell it. Turn the stuff you mine into ISK instantly without the hassle of hauling it around.

Industrialist : Access to perfect T2 Rigged Sotiyos & Tatara’s for building everything and anything you want, from frigates & fuel blocks all the way up to super capitals.

PvP : We’re currently involved in the largest war in EvE’s history. This means daily PvP fleets that will satisfy all your warmongering needs and wants, both sub caps and super capital fleets with very experienced FCs. Whatever you can fly, you’ll definitely needed, be it as a scout , cyno , tackle , logistics or just pumping raw damage.

Excellent jump bridge and intel network that enables us to respond to threats quickly and do everything we do in relative safety.

We also boast some of the best Jump Freighter logistics pilots that shuttles from null space to and from Jita & Amarr daily. Whatever you need, our JFs will usually have it brought to you in under 24 hours.

We accept new and old players alike, no minimum SP required. NewBros get free ships to start out in their respective specializations you want, procurers for miners, alliance doctrine T1 cruisers for PvP etc, so once you fly down, you can get in on the action right from the get go!

How to reach us :

  1. Send us an in-game mail
  2. Join in-game channel MG Recruitment.
  3. Join us on our discord @ https://discord.gg/MWGyqaWpND (preferred)

Recruiters to contact in-game or ping on discord are:

Corran Cornelious EUTZ/USTZ
Alexandria Fairchild AUTZ/EUTZ

Looking forward to flying with you.
Until then, fly safe o7

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