Stake Tartare Recruiting

We’ve recently moved our primary operations to WH space - a C2 to be sure, but toes in the water and all.

We’ve got access to all PI resources except Planktic Colonies, multiple Gas fields, some decent Sleeper rat and data and relic sites, seven planets, and more moons than I’ve bothered to count.

We’ve got an Azbel up (yeah, I know) with all the relevant modules installed and more coming (I want to put up a few mine drills - athanors - but I need more miners to make that pay).

Within 10 days or so we’ll own all the POCOs in the WH.

We’re heavily focused on mining, production, and sales.

If you’re tired of HS drama and LS chaos, consider joining us.

Reach out to Welton Cube in game - if I’m on, he’s on. I do run some alts as well, sometimes multiboxed, so be patient with a response. I’ll get to you.

Accepting applicants speaking/writing any language and of any flavor, color, or orientation. We’re primarily adults and I’m in the US but mostly play late at night, so my usual fleetmates are generally Aussie.

Koala Corporation is the corporate level contact.
Stake Tartare is the alliance-level contact (if you’re running a small corporation that wants in).

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