Starlight Brigade - ☀ Soldiers of Fortune from the Wormhole

Starlight Brigade

-Our Wars, Your Peace-

Starlight Brigade is a new up-incoming roaming fleet of defense contractors bent on defending corporations against Wardecks and hostile actors. Each contract is an opportunity for both unique goal based PVP and isk earned through rewarding content.

During Wardecks, most corporations will not be able to make any passive income normally. Our alliance holds a C4 with a C2 and C3 static giving us access to isk making activities during conflict as well as a way to move to different areas of Eve. You will have access to Reactions facilities, Manufacturing, Moon Mining, and full Planetary Interaction in the hole. An individual can make on average 60 million an hour in the wormhole, with various other money making projects available.

-Goal Based PVP Content-

  • Small gang roams in different areas of Eve
  • WH Warfare
  • Diverse Wardeck situations
  • Fleets with various entities and groups

-PVE Content-

  • Sleeper Sites
  • Abyssal Sites

-Corporate Programs-

  • Ship Replacement Programme
  • Buyback Programme
  • Pilot Training
  • Contract payouts from Wardecks

If you wish to be in touch, let us know on discord. We look forward to speaking with you,

Sean Luc



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