Startup Seeking Inventors, Researchers, and Planeteers for PVP & Trade-Focused Lowsec Corp

Liberal Universalists [KORNS] is a great corp for diving into PVP if you are coming from a wormholing or industry background and want to learn to win at small gang and solo PVP. We are 100% focused on economic and PVP growth.

  • CEO is professional at market making and will gladly teach you to grow your wealth. You can sell that Rattle and become an expert at market making in goods that corp members need to procure and offload
  • Ships, ships, and more ships. Always be flying, getting better every time you log in
  • Universal Basic Income program to maximize passive economics and directly earn investment income in corporation investments
  • Gallente militia member - always somewhere to fly in the coalition to vary your PVP experience. Nullsec and lowsec fleet and small gang activity abound
  • Discord and soon a web presence to coordinate corp activities

We are reaching the cusp of a large enough community to delegate out many activities. The goal of this recruitment push is to get us to a level of activity that will enable proving out various corp practices while setting the stage for scale-up.

Join “KORNS Public” channel in game, convo me (same handle without underscore) or look up our ticker, KORNS.

Applicants should not bear signs of recruitment trolling etc. You will be interviewed on Discord and all available information about your character should be considered fair game research.

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