State of Communication From CCP, especially with sales

In my previous thread about respect, the following quotes stood out to me the most.

Ridley Rohan:
The point was it could have been worded for better effect.

We regularly get a flood of needless info from CCP. When someone is having a RL crisis, weak worded notices are going to get ignored.

Shipwreck Jones:
That being said, I do think Eve has a problem with alarm fatigue. It gives warnings for too much stuff, including things that, imho, don’t need warnings at all (such as the non-destructive repackaging of items). Moreover, it does nothing to distinguish warnings that are arguably more important. For example, I would argue that a warning that you’re about to lose all your stuff should be differentiated and made more conspicuous. Now, I don’t know if addressing alarm fatigue is the most pressing issue facing Eve right now, but I also don’t think that it would take a whole lot of dev resources to address either. So, I dunno.

There is no doubt that players are leaving the game and that CCP is desperate for a higher income stream. I am sure this is because these players feel disrespected. I am equally certain a lot of that is how CPP communicates with us.

What bothers me the most right now is how CCP puts these sales up without any details of what they’re actually selling.

For example, I love the concept behind the expert systems. I can hop on a new alt, pay a few bucks, and enjoy myself while my skills train up.

However, due to the lack of information I am choosing not to buy this helpful service.

Specifically, at this URL: EXPERT SYSTEMS | EVE Online there is an option for “Core Ship Operations”. This is the most expensive option, which I am fine with, as a solid core is the most important thing to have.

What I am not fine with is the weak and imprecise language describing what CCP thinks these skills are. This is the description: “Boost your essential flying skills for 7 days”

It seems like CCP expects me to just trust that they know what is best for me, and hand my money over with no consideration to the value I am receiving in return. I feel very disrespected by this, so I do not.

CCP: Rewrite that page with more detail. Tell me exactly what I am getting for my money, and then unless I disagree with your beliefs regarding what constitutes “essential flying skills”, I will purchase it.

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Skills that are apart of the magic 14 that are considered “core” skills. If I’m not mistaken, in-game gives the breakdown of what is included. So why so much salt. The consensus would be if you saw it in game, you’d know what is included in that, to make an informed decision to purchase or not.

So after getting home and checking the game, I was correct in that if you look under character sheet, and select Expert Systems, you can see what each ES gives you in regards to skills.

Any place where you (general) sell an item, you should provide the details of the item. If the only way to buy expert systems is in-game, then the in-game shopping points (NES, Character Sheet, etc.) where you can make the purchase need to explicitly state what you are buying. If you also offer it for sale out-of-game via the EVE website store, again, you need to explicitly describe the components of the service being bought in that sales medium. Not managing to accurately and completely disclose what is being sold at the point of sale is a beginner marketing failure.

‘You can find the details in game’ may be true, but it does not change that CCP has failed to do their job in this instance.


Thank you for confidently speaking the truth. CCP clearly needs more leadership like you. I hope they invest more wisely before it is too late.

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Pretty much all of those players who felt disrespected already left years ago, when CCP, in all their wisdom, decided to dumb down the game and shift focus full steam ahead to the instant gratification crowd. Now who could have guessed, that people wildly incapable of long-term thinking - if they’re capable of thinking at all -, only ever chasing after the next dopamine hit, wouldn’t make for long-term EVE players?

I’m doubtful that 60$ monocle Hilmar will ever see where he went wrong. But even if he did, it’s far too late now to revert course.

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