State of the Union: Factional Warfare & Frontlines

Pretty sure they already stated that changes in the warzone, and various events that pop up, would have an effect on what new things were released, to who it went to first, and even whether some sides would get a thing at all.

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Yeah and Im sure thatll happen

In another game

Exactly. become a group leader and tell me why should I care? Create the story and narrative to push enemy. It’s a sandbox. Players create stories. Not devs.

Does current FW has any of this? No. Yet we get stuff like this:(

If you can’t generate goals for yourself, kindly, go away from sandbox game and play something like idk. wow where hand holding and spoon feeding content is a thing. We don’t need and don’t want that here.

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Geographical landscape changes as far as I understand not just in low but the whole eve universe.

Current FW, as well as FW for the past decade, has been stagnant and recieved little change. Pretty much every FW pilot wants some more attention paid to the system. And for your info, I want this narrative gameplay. Lots of people do. If you don’t like it, do something else.


CCP Aurora, you said it was easy to limit implants in Novice plexes. Just do it. No meta 9 implants in novices. Other sites we can discuss but Novices, just do it.


Eh, that one’s easy enough for them to do. They’ve done it already. Player actions determined which T3D came out first, for example.

I think the better question is: Is it even possible to actually win, or will it always remain a tug-of-war over the same exact systems that none of the empires will ever secure? I mean, c’mon, Gaven, how many times have you guys had to put up with the ‘pendulum games’ criticism? Wouldn’t it be nice for victory to be victory, and not just ‘we’ll get you next season’?


Ah I actually completely misread that one, I assumed it was about borders and such.


If somewhat bling fit pirate frigs, and decent pilot, against standard T2 frigs, most definitely.

Lvl 4 missions, Incursions, Abyssal sites, etc … is this way ------> …

Pvp specific content should not have to concern itself with the needs and wants of farmers.

We’ve had ENOUGH of that spoiling the wargame we all wanted to play since the begining.

So tired of roaming around and wasting my time for hours on end with farmers everywhere, populating our plexes and just logging in to avoid content and to deny it for others.

Kindly ■■■■ off, basically.


Yeah that’s my point. Pirate ships don’t really quite match up to most T2 ships.

But they do.

It really depends on the match-up.

I can melt a long range fit retribution in my shield buff dramiel, and I could also out-dps a pulse laser fit in a blaster daredevil, or kite it with a garmur, etc …

I am however, super glad that we’ll not be seeing ■■■■■■■ garmurs in T1 plexes though, what a relief, along with the Worm… those were just overused beyond stupid …


If you count farmers, yea, that’s not very far off the state of FW currently.

Otherwise no, we do shoot at eachother still … come visit sometime.

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I’ve had an alt in FW for about a month. Started out getting used to the rules and LS space. Last week or so started engaging in 1 v 1 in T1 frigates. When you are the noob, very few fights even remotely look winable. But it’s a good time and I have a bunch of ships ready to lose. Most others enjoy the fights and the chats are lively.

Where I am, Amaar / Minmatar space, the number of involved systems is a rather large blob without differentiation. Focusing conflict through the Frontline, Command Operations, etc. scheme is a definite plus. Plexing as part of a war effort seems a bit of a contrivance. It appears to be a proxy for taking and defending “ground” or in this case “space” and there is a slide bar in the system info area of your screen that measures the aggregated progress of your faction (not even sure if this is correct). For me there is a giant disconnect in this activity and what one would call “warfare”. Seems to me the attackers should be blowing things up and displacing the defenders with new structures, infrastructure, etc. And the defenders should be killing the attackers and blowing up their stuff.

Trying to imagine content that would improve upon the plexing mechanic…(not a simple task)…


Ironically atron’s are garmers worst nightmares lol… But I agree worm/ succubus will beat all t2 fit ship’s unless they are really well floan.

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yes dual prop atron ftw, but still, perma-garmur pilots are just … urgh …

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One of the reasons folks don’t go out and shoot people in so called low sec.

Wait till you run into my Hecate.

It makes Garmurs cry.

You could do arena you know

Wow, that’s a bit harsh, isn’t it?

With the rapidly dropping player numbers one would think that encouraging people to stay engaged and playing Eve (especially long-time roleplayers like Gaven) would be the smarter move than to keep up the elitist crap.

That “Go back to WoW” meme was hackneyed back when I joined in 2008. It hasn’t gotten any fresher since then and really needs to stop in light of the game’s current state of health.