Statio Inc. - It's Time for War!

Statio Inc. - It’s Time for War!

Statio Inc. (STAT0) is a member corp of COLONY. We live in Pure Blind alongside B2/FI.RE. We specialize in small to med-gang PvP and BLOPs. However, we are looking to expand our industrial and mining sectors as well. As a core member of COLONY, we share their values of ignoring the meta and playing the game for fun.

What We Can Offer You

  • Alliance and coalition fleets (small-gang, BLOPs, F1 fleets, etc)
  • Access to space for ratting, mining, exploration, etc
  • Infrastructure for your industry projects and the markets to seed
  • Alliance Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
  • Alliance Freight and Buyback Services

Our Requirements

  • Omega Main
  • 5MIL Skillpoints
  • Discord/Mumble (with a working mic)
  • Casually active (at minimum, two alliance and/or coalition fleets per month)
  • 18+ ONLY

How to Join

Join our recruitment Discord and follow the steps in the #statio-inc channel

Still Recruiting!

We are still looking for new members!

STAT0 is still recruiting! Come hangout!