Statio Inc. - We Want YOU! [PvP/PvE/Mining][US/EU]

Statio Inc. is currently recruiting! We are a part of COLONY. STAT0 is a rapidly growing High Sec based corporation with a real life first atmosphere.

We Offer:

  • Alpha/Newbro friendly
  • Real life comes first atmosphere
  • Small/Medium gang PvP
  • WH dives
  • Corporation and alliance boosted mining fleets
  • Alliance buyback and hauling services
  • Mainly US TZ with growing EU
  • Corporation and alliance Discord
  • No war declarations!

We are looking for:

  • PvP, PvE, and mining pilots
  • Newbros with the desire to learn
  • Industrialists interested in helping develop our local market and industry

To apply:

Join Statio Inc. Pub in-game and follow the instructions in the MOTD

COLONY. is also looking for new corporations to join our ranks! If you are interested join Colony Recruitment in-game or mail Solis Operandi

STAT0 is still recruiting!

STAT0 and COLONY. are still recruiting!

STAT0 is still recruiting! We are also looking for a dedicated recruiter! If that sounds interesting to you contact me in game!

STAT0 is still recruiting!! Reach out for more info!

STAT0 and COLONY. are still recruiting!!

Where are u located and can u mail me

Mail Sent

STAT0 is still looking for new recruits! Get in touch in-game for more info and to join!