🚨 STEELE CASE - WH/LS, PVP, Push for Content***EXPANDED***

At some point all Corporations and Pilots have been in search for a Home and Community. A place where you can play Eve in whatever way you want, have fun, socialize, and integrate with a fun and active environment. The search can be difficult and steeped with false promises, embellishments, and at the end of the road you find out that the entity you’re prospectively interested in joining is a failing Organization, ready to crumble at a moment’s notice.

Our alliance, Steele Case, is not perfect. Our number one priority is to make sure groups can grow, have fun, and enjoy an environment with no overbearing personalities.

About us: Steele Case is based in a C3 WH. We own the hole and have structures in place to secure it ****AND HAVE RECENTLY EXPANDED. This means that we can, and constantly do, get fights in all time zones. Making a day trip usually makes it worth the effort. Some of the benefits of our space include:

-Upgraded stations for refining & production
-Upgraded systems for mining
-Localized industry with importation making an active and well stocked hub
-Solid, and fun, fleet doctrines that are easy to get into - also reasonably priced
-Tons of local content in, and around, in WH-space and lowsex
-Solid tech infrastructure for scanning, communication (Discord and TS3), and organization
-A fun, sociable environment that you will quickly grow to be a part of
-Easy to use logistics service for importing assets
-Ship Replacement Program
-Solid Fleet Commander’s who are fun to fly under, and not ego-driven

We’re not looking to be the next big alliance in Eve. We definitely value quality over quantity. We’re not like some alliances and pull in 20 new corps in just as many days. We want to grow, but steadily, and to ensure that member corps get what they want, need, and that our newer friends integrate well with the people who have been here for months.
So if you’re a corp looking for a new home, not just a new alliance, give us a shout. We’re always willing to provide more information, or just chat.

Join Our Public Recruitment Channel “ACELR8” or contact me via convo or Eve-mail:


We have two new Corps coming on line. Bump it

lets get it on

Still recruiting

Get on board API

still recruiting

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