Steve Jobs on Sales and Marketing people

Hello, I am going to take the liberty and link to an excerpt of what i believe is considered “The lost interview” with Steve Jobs where in this clip he try to explain why some companies go bankrupt. Its worth the view if you havent already. Its short and to the point. Maybe some parralels can be drawn to CCP and EVE online.


As long as CCP can prevent any competitor to its niche from emerging, it won’t go bankrupt. Sad truth.

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Deep Fake

He said “Tonerheads”. Wow I haven’t heard that in more than 30 years.
Ancient history.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” ― Simon Sinek.

YouTube can vomit so much help 101 and so on its crazy. I dismiss like 99% of it.

EVE ONLINE is in a monopoly! With being at the top comes a mindset that no one will come close to attacking EVE’s status. So, things do slow down. Complacency sets in. They lost “why” they maintain EVE online.

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That generally happens when the suits, managers and investors take over. The people who had the vision, drive and capability are pushed out.


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