Stop Wasting Your Time In High Security Space

Come make TONS of isk with us, to let you do whatever it is you want to do in EVE.

We’re not all Carebears, in fact, very few of us are. You’ll be flying with some of the top pilots from all around EVE. Some of these guys are experienced FCs, and many have been around since the early days in EVE. We still plan on keeping a relaxed atmosphere as far as the NO CTA policy and mandatory fleet ops, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have content, it just means you’ll be able to help shape that content how you see fit. And, now that we have our Keepstar, you can do it in the big toys.

Yes, we are a large corp, and growing, but you will not be just a number in the masses. We value all of our corp members, and while we are still looking to grow even larger, we will always keep the values of a small tight knit group.

You can see that we boast many of the similar things you’ll see in most recruitment ads; the difference with us is… We mean it.

High Sec Care Bears [HISCB] is looking to expand our member base (and by the way, don’t let the name fool you, we aren’t really in High Sec…)

What you get:

Access to multiple 0.0 systems with excellent TrueSec, stretching across the region (and expanding)
A Keepstar to park your supers and titans
A Large, knowledgable, experienced, and dedicated leadership team
Experienced and helpful corp mates (share experiences with some very seasoned pilots)
Relaxed, Real-life first atmosphere
Citadels, Stations, and POS’s in every system (Even a Keepstar!)
Freedom to own your own (private, secure) POS for parking and/or reactions.
TeamSpeak (Not Mandatory, but very useful)
Set 10% Corp Tax
New Bro Friendly
Other Benefits:

Small-gang roams
Home defense fleet
Mining boosts
Regular, inexpensive Jump Freighter service to and from Jita
Fitted ships available for sale to Corp members (ratting and pvp)
A growing local marketplace
Did I mention a Keepstar!?
What is NOT Required:

Corp Ops are NOT required
Call to Arms (CTA) do not exist
TeamSpeak, Jabber, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc… Not required (but many use TeamSpeak)
We have a good group of people who, like you, enjoy the no-stress environment of doing what they like to do best in EVE, without making it feel like another job. We get enough of that at work, right?

We have members from all time zones, so wherever you are, you should have active members on with you.

You will meet people from all over EVE, who have joined our corp to make isk, and enjoy EVE the way it was meant to be enjoyed. We look forward to meeting you.

There are not a lot of strict requirements, but we do ask that you have some skill points to show that you are serious about EVE and not just trying it on for size (Omega clones only, please). Joining is pretty easy. That will have all the information you need.

Or, join our in-game chat channel “HISCB Pub” if you would like to talk with us in game.

Thanks for reading,

Recruitment is back open! Isk is waiting for you! join our in-game chat channel “HISCB Pub” if you would like to talk with us in game.

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Recruitment is Open, Moon mining is Amazing!!!

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