Stratios Yoiul Festival YC121 SKIN, permanent

it needs a push

to the top!

price update

push it

lets push it upwards

willing to offer 13b

thx for your offer
its “little bit” too low

offer at Jita 29.9b right now
here max 25b

lets push it

Lowering to less than 20b, anyone?

No way, we dont wanna rip you off. Just wouldnt feel right.

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“troll, get off my loan!”

lawn, not loan

Quit trawling!

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loan = lend estate

I’m laughing so hard at you, when everyone gets the skin for Christmas from CCP, as a gift and you end up with nothing, just because you are trying to get the last possible ISK. Take the offer from Harry Pottah everything else is just embarrassing.

We aren’t supposed to hijack sales ads. It isn’t likely that CCP would reintroduce the YC121 Skins . . . but you never know!

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woah… I’ve got this skin and fly with it all the time, I never thought it was this valuable

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pls close

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