Stratios Yoiul Festival YC121 SKIN, permanent

very rare and beautiful SKIN
only 1 active offer in whole EvE beside this right now.


push up

contract via my char “Sue Charlton”

still waiting for the payment…
so lets push it up

If you are stupid enough to think anyone would seriously offer more than Jita sell, you are stupid enough to think a random sell order is the reference price for your skin, and not all of the previous sales that were also apparently “the last available one”.

Here’s how this thread is going to go:
Thread closed due to inactivity.

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  1. show me a Jita sell
  2. beside the one linked offer of 40b it is the only one
  3. I told I dont want that much like the linked one
  4. last sell is month ago, which does not lower the price…
  5. and so it must be ONE of the last available ones (offical sell was 3 years ago)
  6. moderate your tone
  7. be kind to not call me stupid again
  8. if you are not interested noone forces you to read/post here
  9. let me guess: German

End of 2018 was 2 years ago?

But you did ask for 30b while the last 2 sold for 13b and 19b?
And just because there is only one on the market right now, doesnt mean its the only one left.

Still good luck with the sale.

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Wtf is going on here?
Do I need to apologize myself for trying to sale stuff?

As far as I knew the official sale for the SKIN was in 2017, actually its been Dec 2018. No thats not 2 years but 1.5 years.
Who are you when you tell about 30b?
the last 2 were sold some time ago. First for 13b, then for 19b. Two less on the market.
Less offers - higher price, right?

" doesnt mean its the only one left."
You can read?
“ONE of the last available ones”

uhhh I know, you are the one that is looking for that SKIN having a Buy Ad here. I offered mine there for 30b.
Now you come over to my sale ad and start to discuss in an unappropriate way?

I have nothing to do with the 2 people who trashed you, but I wish that I did. As I do agree with them fully: you are very stupid.

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push it up

to the top!

lets push it up

Achura Deteis


50b, contract to zahara cody

1 week contract ended unpaid

so Achura Deteis and Zahara Cody officially marked as trolls

item still for sale


Hate to say it, but we told you so.

official thread-trasher Hink Yaken is happy

slow clap

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push it

Friendly push <3


Hink Yaken, having fun trolling threads?


push up