Stuff to Help Tidi fights

Lessons learned from recent Tidi fights

  1. D/C. so if your hardware isn’t up to snuff…nothing i can do to help you
    but if your potato mode (aka effects and stuff off, sound off, brackets off) and your still d/cing due to network d/c. then heres a tip

grab ping plotter 5. (free trial)
and test it to the IP (Tranq server IP)

you will have 100% packet loss. but you want to see where its lost.
if its at the end like this

then your golden!

if it looks like this


then your losing packets before they ever get to Tranquility. hence you’ll be d/c time to time when client misses to many packets.

if its like this. call your IP. show them the ping plotter results. find out if its a node or router or modem.

the most unknown, but common, forms of this is an old router, old modem, or a router that isn’t capable of providing the full network speed provided by your IP. (thats what it was for me…so i upgraded routers)

it wont stop all d/cs… (if you look at the fight to long. you’ll be slapped by the server. so another tip is to look the opposite direction. issue commands by the overview. and watch the fight through twitch)

congratz. i just saved you 3 months of trial and error testing with CCP


well…it is several thousand people sending commands at once…but where is your command?

Ctrl+alt+shift+m has your solution

click the outstanding calls and you can see any commands you’ve made that haven’t been done yet.

which for fighters can tell you if your command is out there. and when its done.
takes a bit of trial and error to figure out what is what. some code monkey will be laughing at me for not knowing immediately what the methods mean.

but eventually you’ll figure out what the methods mean

like in my screenshot, the fightermgr:cmdActivateabiltiyslot is my #2 fighter’s command to fire. if both fighter 1 and 2 was waiting, you’d see that method line there twice.

hope this helps
gl =)

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your ‘or’ picture, circling the 100% loss ‘*’ is completely wrong in terms of your explanation. All that is showing is that particular router is not replying to your pings. This is not unusual. You can see the rest of the route is fine (assuming you’re over the sea from the CCP servers) - if that 100% loss router was dropping 100% of packets then none would be getting through to Tranquility at all. It’s not dropping packets, just your pings.

see, thats what i thought. but after 3 months in a ticket with CCP. we found it was my router being out of date.

now how i was playing EVE when it was saying i was losing all packets…no idea. but thats just how it was.

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