Suddenly Pineapples - C5 Wormhole Corp [EUTZ]

Enjoy the new years you shaggers!

When your battleships gets rolled out, who you goanna call?

Hit those torpedobeats

Really need to fix my reminder bot for this!

Bad boys bad boys, whatcha goanna do…

A little Under the 25m SP requirement, but spent time in J space before and familiar with PvP. Just recently returned to game. Would I be any good to you?

Thanks Tom.

Best way to speak to us mate is to hop on our Discord (link below) and poke either myself or Tirow in the #recruitment channel

Just noticed the invite link no longer works so just changed it, should work now!

My reminder bot told to me to write a response here.


I heard if your mum gets stuck up in space then the best way to get her back is to send your dad into space after her in a Ford Fiesta

We had an awesome fight yesterday! Come join us for more



A mega bump

Hot dog in the house!



Up you go!

Come say hi!