Suddenly Pineapples - C5 Wormhole Corp [EUTZ]

Suddenly Pineapples - C5 Wormhole Corporation providing organised & engaging PvP content via our C5 static, open to existing wormholers & new pilots either returning to the game or who want a change of pace.

Check out our Zkill here.

We work hard in Suddenly Pineapples to ensure all our members have the chance to partake in exciting PvP encounters they will remember fondly. You will have the opportunity to create new experiences with the new friends you make from around the world & fly alongside a group of pilots who want to have the most fun they can. In [SUCCI] real life comes first & we will never expect members to give up their real life for a video game, come say hi on our Discord and talk with our existing members!

You can see the kind of content we get in the videos our members make here, and here

As a Corp we offer:

  • Weekly organised events (ragerolling, nullsec roams etc)
  • Mid-scale fleet & capital pvp
  • Small scale content in both wormholes & nullsec
  • SRP program + loot from kills to scouts
  • C5 krabbing in home, static or our farmholes
  • Experienced Wormhole FC’s & leadership
  • Our own hosted IT services, incl Discord, Pathfinder & Mumble

We require from you:

  • Working microphone & push to talk enabled
  • To be active & engaged with corp activities (scanning, fleets, rolling etc)
  • Self suffucient in your ISK making
  • History of PvP (preferably in W-space)
  • Covert Ops IV + Scanning Frigate of your choice
  • ~45m SP
  • Can fly our doctrine requirments:
    • Leshak (w/ T2 gun)
    • Nighthawk OR Loki

Our corp culture in Suddenly Pineapples is simple, lets have fun, blow some ships up and laugh about our wins and losses on comms. We are more interested in how well you play with others than how many ships you have in your pocket (provided you meet min doctrine requirements).

If you think your interested, come say hi on our Discord & speak to a recruiter or our members to find out if we’re right for you.

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