Suddenly Pineapples - C5 Wormhole Corp [EUTZ]

Whose that SUCCIng on your chain…?

Suddenly Pinapples. [SUCCI] is a new Wormhole PvP Corporation living in a C5-5 Pulsar made up of experienced players looking to start a fresh from existing groups.

We enjoy flying non-meta doctrines & have no blues, nor mandatory ops.

If you enjoy making explosions happens (friendly or otherwise!) we’re the corp for you.

You can find our Zkill here , and some dumb short videos by our CEO

We offer the following:

  • 5-5 Pulsar for swag purposes
  • Experienced Wormhole members & FC’s
  • Payment to Scouts for finding kills
  • Weekly organised Ops
  • Fleet PvP incl. Capitals
  • C5 krabbing & other PvE opportunities
  • IT services including Discord, Pathfinder, Mumble & other internal tools

Our requirements

  • Can fly Leshak OR Guardian
  • Can fly Scorpion Navy Issue OR Drake Navy Issue
  • Have either previous Wormhole OR PvP experience

If your interested in joining, swing by our Discord & speak to Jezza or Tirow!

I’m a jumping mah wormhole!

Still recruiting!

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Nice update to the recuitment post to make it more relevant!

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Had a productive weekend, still recruiting!

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succi give good fights skale approve this corp :christmas_tree:

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