WH vet looking for a home

Hi all.

Been out of the game for well over two years , and i am looking for options.
Spendt most my time in wh , and i want to get back to wh life.

Guess i need some time to get back into the game(rusty) , so would be nice to find a group who dont mind this rusty guy.
My main intrest is pvp but i used to do pve for income. (Sites).
RL comes first👌

My tz is eu (norway)

Best regards
Victor MaCleod

Greetings Victor,

also a returning WH pilot here (EU TZ) , looking for a peacefull home to drop a Raitaru for begining.
Msg me if your interested.

small eu corp, alliance has c3 wh and is looking to do small gang pvp, incursions and mining, jump into shield107 in game for a chat cheers Edrik.

Hey there!

We (Wormageddon/Pagids Legion) have a pretty good corp culture going at the minute, have had a few returning players join us the past week. Based in a C4 C3/5 statics. Focus is PVP, jokes and laughter. We don’t make things tense or serious, but get involved in big brawls nonetheless!

Come check out our Discord and we can have a chat :slight_smile:

Hey bud, if your still looking for a home (realise its 5 days since you posted this!) come check us out. We’re an EU C5 Wormhole Corp. Our forum ad. is here Suddenly Pineapples - C5 Wormhole Corp [EUTZ]

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