Suicide adjustment

Please take my reference into account:
1.Suitsid-mechanic needs to be adjusted
2. I propose a solution to the adjustment:
2.2 a player whose security status is below 0 should wash his karma before entering the empire, otherwise he will be attacked by a concord and killed
2.3 The player who killed another player in the empire should worsen relation to fractions in whose system the crime was committed,
when the relations with the faction worsen -2 player can attack Concord,so that the player does not attack, it is necessary to improve the relationship with the faction
2.4 Any of these options is applicable, and criminals should understand the consequences of suicide
2.5 Does not apply to low-sec security
I’m for a fair game, and not for playing in one gate!
It’s not the first time I’ve seen the Goonswarm alliance knocking down players’ ships and that’s not fair!


My god, this forum sometimes…

Go back to WoW.

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Post your lossmail/s and I’ll take a look, Hich. Promise.

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Make a vote for the players, and I’m sure that 30-40% will be for the correction of suicide. If not then I will leave this game …

Bye! I don’t want your stuff, it smells like weakling.

I do not care about your opinion, typical suicide


In your fake world there exists fairness. In the real world, the only reason fairness as a concept exists, is because weaklings like you are being protected from people like me. You don’t want fairness. What you want is the feeling that there aren’t people like me, who threaten your very existence.

EVE’s a jungle. You signed up for it. You lacking self responsibility and the ability to protect yourself is your own problem. It doesn’t make the game, or nature, or evolution unfair at all. It’s only unfair in your head, because you know that you’re inferior and that you can be bested easily. That`s Life, mate. You being weak isn’t unfair, it’s your own ■■■■■■■ fault.

Nature is fair to those who aren’t weak.
You’re weak.
Evolution says you die.

End of Story.

Have a nice day anyway. :slight_smile:

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This already happens, well at least below -2. The Faction Police spawn and attack any criminal with a security status below a certain level and will explode them if the criminal doesn’t immediately run away.

This already happens, at least for players who are attacked while aligned with an empire. If you are in an NPC corp or a Faction Warfare corp and you are illegally attacked, the standing of that NPC corp to the attacker drop.

Criminals do understand these penalties, and accept the consequences of their crimes. Many of them are constantly harassed by Faction Police, and sometimes Faction Navies, any time they enter highsec because of their past misdeeds. It requires significant effort, or expensive tags, to repair the security status and NPC Empire standings of criminals so they can enter highsec again unmolested.

These NPCs already do not appear in low security space.

Given almost all your suggestions exist in the game already, I am unsure of what you are asking for or what problem you are trying to solve. Ok, I am being a little disingenuous here as I have a pretty good idea of where you are headed, but perhaps if you stated what problem you are trying to fix with your suggestions to change the game, we could have more productive discussion.

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You are advocating someone’s death (or whatever you mean by “be destroyed”) IRL because they do not agree with you about whether or not a game that was not designed to enforce “fairness” should be more fair.

Please (a) get help and (b) leave the game forever.

All this over a Magnate loss…

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I see here some criminals gathered to God forbid not to change the mechanics

Okay, so you suggest i go kill myself?

Should kill Concord and not the police

WTS popcorn

That isn’t a thing. Write real sentences and I’ll pop back in a bit and see if you’re actually saying anything.


Basically you lost a single frigate and now you think everyone’s evil and the game is suicide. You could always just learn to play better, but I doubt you will.

decide for you what will happen to your pathetic soul

This thread in a single picture.

Since I should probably say something on topic: No.

Suicide ganking is annoying, but that’s about it.

As for advocating personal harm to someone over a game (and over something as silly as this in the game) I’m gonna say it once - cool down or the moderators will get involved and I can 100% promise it will involve a permaban for you.

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Are you threatening?

Yes, I am threatening to summon an ISD if you don’t calm down and start acting with some civility. Insults in this game are fine. Threats of harm on the other hand are not.