Suroken National Announces Crew and Family Protection Plans

Greetings compassionate capsuleers,

I am proud to announce the successful launch of Suroken National Cryonics new Crew and Family Protection Program, crafted specially for you - the capsuleer market. You may be (almost) immortal, but with that privilege comes a tragic burden of responsibility. As capsuleers you are often put in the difficult position of having to care for mortal crew, some of whom you may develop close personal relationships with. Some crew may also be highly talented with an irreplaceable skillset and unique background. Take a moment and think about how the passing of an important baseline colleague could impact the efficiency and profit forecast of your entire organization.

Legacy backup vendors are unreliable, slow and often shady. Baseliners are not their first priority since executives and empyreans are their conventional market. This can lead to copy errors, loss of continuity, slow recoveries and even death. When you experience the Suroken Difference [TM], you’ll see why our customers insist SNC is the only source for real reliable crew backups.

Suroken National’s input biomass is responsibly sourced from pristine natural ecosystems and hand-sculpted to perfect* fidelity by the finest artisan-doctors in the cluster. We’re obsessed with continuity and our experience with cryonic revivals uniquely positions us to tackle the toughest lacunas with our proprietary sequence recovery algorithms.

Backup subscriptions start at just 1 million isk per crew member clone per year. If you sign up today, mention code IGS and your policy recipient will also receive clone life insurance** from ROA Mutual, payable to a beneficiary of their choice, absolutely free. Don’t delay - it could cost your crew or loved one their life.

To get started send an Eve Mail to Suroken National Cryonics with your name and number of individual backups requested. We’ll send you a form for biographical details and arrange a contract signing. Submitting gene templates is easy and can be done by gene-database LookUpID, biomap digital upload or enclosed tissue sample. One of our representatives will then get you started on the path to worry-free flying as an official registered backup member.

Thanks — and remember to fly safe.


I was engaged to my chief navigator when our freighter was ganked by CODE. My pod got clear but poor Aimee was vaporized in the explosion. When I docked in station, my first message was to SNC. If it wasn’t for them I could never be whole again. The doctors at Suroken National were with me every step of the way, compassionate, knowledgable and reliable. And they were quick enough that we didn’t even have to change our plans - Aimee was in the seat next to me on our shuttle to the Jade Coast, with the tickets I bought a week before the incident, just in time for our wedding.

  • Daryl, capsuleer and satisfied customer

Kaiva is irreplaceable as my chief of security. His loyalty is beyond question, a product of our long history together when I was a baseliner in the Navy. His quick reflexes and iron resolve have saved my life many times. Once on Intaki Prime he physically threw me out of the path of a sniper’s bullet. The next thing I knew I was covered in blood and his guts were sprayed over the upholstery of my armored car. My chief has earned his backup clone subscription a dozen times over.

  • Henrik, Platinum member

I think what SNC is doing is a game-changer. Frankly, it’s going to disrupt the medical and backup industry. These are hi-fidelity, executive-grade clones made available to working baseliners at affordable prices.

  • Dr. Benji Tulaaken

*Silver-level contract guarantees fidelity of 99.998%. The CAF program is intended for baselines and results not applicable to g-mods with extensive alterations or deceased recovery patients with terminal date more than six months before receipt.
**ROA Mutual 7-year term clone life plan triggers on irrecoverable termination of an SNC sculpted clone or loss of continuity 50% or greater on replacement.


Can i use this service to insure my pet fedo? I dont know what i would do without Jamyl if my ship was lost.

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Hello Jurok, how are you today?

This is Imawa Muutaras from Suroken National, responding to your interest regarding our new Crew and Family Backup Program.

Here at SNC we’re here to help capsuleers protect the loved ones that matter most. I just got done messaging one of our techs about your inquiry dated YC124.8.23 published on the Intergalactic Summit Forum.

At this time the CAFP program is designed specifically for humans at baseline or near baseline genetic templates. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to backup Fedos under the terms of this contract.

However, we do offer related products which may better fit your individual needs. May I ask, do you have a cryonic preservation plan in place for your loved one? What would you do if he or she ever got sick and doctors were unable to cure him or her with available technology?

If you need help setting up a preservation plan for your loved one, please send me an Eve Mail and we can get started.


Suroken National Cryonics

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