[Surreptitious Technologies] A 0.0 black ops-centric corp recruiting new influencers. All timezones are welcome. Fly with purpose. Join us and be a part of the journey

We are Surreptitious Technologies, a new(ish) EVE Online null security space organization focused on (pvp and industrial) activities related to black ops warfare. We are a corp focused on consistent pursuance of improved black ops capabilities and content creation. Together we contribute to the objectives focused around growth, proficiency, and sustainability through our individual and collective efforts.

We also are a valued member corporation of the alliance, Already Replaced, which is a sov-holding null sec alliance based out of Delve. We aim to support the alliance through our industrial and pvp co-operation and via stepping up and taking responsibility in teams.

We are recruiting members, new and experienced, from all timezones to be a part of our journey in pursuing black ops proficiency in pvp and industry to support that pvp!

What is our purpose

We exist to provide members with an opportunity to center themselves around a journey, where their individual and collective contributions have meaning, and where they can experience themselves as belonging to something greater than themselves.

As Surreptitious Technologies is a fairly young organization, we are looking to grow in a sustainable way through phased-based gameplay rather than a mass influx of “new bodies.” A phased approach offers measurable ways to determine direction and progress, rather than a ‘feeling’ of growth that many corporations incorporate, only to reveal that the members individually simply feel unnamed and unimportant. The phased approach allows leadership and members alike to see the state of the corporation at any given time and “see progress” that they, themselves, are a part of building. We are not interested in the F1 monkey. We are interested in the player that wants to be a part of building something while enjoying all that null sec has to offer.

We offer:

  • Interesting PvP engagements as part of Legacy Coalition
  • Small fleet PVP
  • Large scale PVP
  • Profits from mining, production, PI, exploration, and ratting
  • Buyback programs
  • Alliance ship replacement program
  • Access to veterans of the game who know industry & pvp
  • Logistics service to and from high sec
  • Alliance and corp discord and Teamspeak
  • High security groups in alt corporations for mining and buybacks- These groups are free from WarDecs.

Benefits of joining Surreptitious Technologies

  1. Being a part of a up-and-coming corporation that is focused on measurable progress that each member has a meaningful role in contributing towards
  2. Assisted skill pathways to use to help members build towards becoming an effective member of black operations fleets
  3. Ability to build on personal wealth whilst aiding the corporation in its development through buyback opportunities.
  4. The opportunity to be a part of a sovereignty space holding alliance and by proxy, the legacy coalition which offers regular larger-scale PvP opportunities in addition to alliance-level fleets.

Our requirements:

  • Each member has at least one main character (at minimum 5 million SP) that either flies a stealth bomber and/or is willing to skill into at least one of the corporation’s doctrines as soon as possible after joining.
  • Each member has at least one character that either flies an alliance dps ship or logistics doctrine fit and/or is willing to skill into at least one of the alliance’s doctrine fits as soon as possible after joining…
  • Willingness to go on warfare deployments & live in or near hostile territory as part of those deployments
  • ESI registration of all characters on both alliance and coalition websites.
  • Must be willing and able to use comms during fleet operations & active interactions on discord

Join hush-hush.pub in game to inquire more.

We invite you to APPLY and be a fellow influencer! Click the Join button for our recruitment team to contact you!

Many of us have been in multiple corporations over the EVE career. The initial attraction of the corp having everything ready on a silver platter often leads us to disappointment. Ultimately, we want to have fun in this game and feel as though our gameplay, our joining the corp has meaning.

We are an up and coming corporation, building and shaping ourselves in a direction that we each contribute towards executing. Some of us desire purpose in what we do. Some of of enjoy the challenge of building rather than simply consuming what the corporation offers us. Our aim is meaningful gameplay in our activities, be it industrial, pve, and/or pvp. Everything we do contributes to our phased goals and we strengthen together in the process.

If you’re looking for something different. If you’re feeling yourself to be simply an unnamed number in your current organization, try us out. Come and be a part of our journey towards becoming one of New Eden’s black ops specialist groups who provide not only pvp content, but also as a main supplier of black ops-related ships to New Eden.

If you’re interested in Black Ops, but aren’t yet trained, doesn’t matter. Apply.
If you’re a miner or enjoy PVE but are interested in focusing your efforts towards the black ops, then Apply.
If you’re a hardcore industrialist and want to bring your expertise to help us scale up our black ops industrial operations, then Apply.
If you’re an experienced black ops pilot and want to try something different and be a part of building our black ops fleet operations and training, then Apply.

The corp has plenty of options for the pilot who’s looking for something different In EVE to be a part of.

Join hush-hush.pub in game to inquire more.

We invite you to APPLY and be a fellow influencer! Click the Join button for our recruitment team to contact you!

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