Systema Incognita WH corp

Hello there !

Systema Incognita is a small and casual WH corp. We are looking for new players. Out target is to find home among the stars (and earn a lot of money).

What can we offer ?

  • active leadership
  • safe port in WH
  • great statics to rat and explore
  • we will have in future industrail citatels, if you like to mine or harves gas, we are for you as well.

What do we require ?

  • will to play eve ^^
  • new bro welcome (even of you are totally noob, we will find you a place among us)
  • alphas also welcomes
  • just join us and check if our corp is a good place to live :wink:

Contact us for more info ! (for example by joining our public Systema Incognita Public).


We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

what timezone you guys play?

We are EU for now as we don’t have many ppl yet but if there are ppl wanting to play in other TZ we dont mind.

Fresh meat is still welcome :slight_smile:

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