T-Wrecks - Mature UK PVP Corp YARRGGHH! Part of the No Forks Given Alliance!

Read on if you like PVP and Honesty!

T-Wrecks (see what we did there?) are looking for like-minded people to enjoy EVE and kill all the things.

What we ARE :

  • Up for a good time, it’s been said before, but it’s a game!
  • All about PVP! All of our brethren in No Forks Given are hungry with sporks at the ready!!
  • People who play in the evening/night (we have jobs and lives), main playtimes 4pm - 2am EVE Time
  • UK centric but open to anyone, we just like to have fun!
  • Part of a PVP alliance that offers a healthy variety of content

Corp Killboard
Alliance Killboard

What we are NOT :

  • Lovers of Large F1 riddled fleets, no skill or fun in that!
  • People who need more kids or drama in their lives, we are mostly parents!
  • Miserable. We are here for a good time!

Min 15m SP. All we ask is that you are semi-competent, have a good attitude, a sense of humour, and are self sufficient!

In short, if you want a decent small group and a good laugh, perhaps we’re what you need, for marketing and spin see 99% of the other ad’s.

Join us on Discord at T-Wrecks for a chat, or contact Lucky Bee or Ex0101 ingame anytime!

Visit the T-Wrecks Website


Still looking for more savages!!

The pew pew goes on! Still looking for more pilots!!

Need more for a good laugh and salty tear generation!

Join us on your journey for the glory of -10!

(Or keep your sec status intact with a security office just 4 jumps from home!! No more grind!!)

Having a blast in Ahbazon currently with our buddies! Come rack up some green on the kb!

Always looking for more like minded pvp’ers up for a good laugh!!