T-Wrecks - Mature UK + EU PVP Corp!

Read on if you like PVP and Honesty!

T-Wrecks (see what we did there?) are looking for like-minded people to enjoy EVE and kill all the things.

What we ARE :

  • Up for a good time, it’s been said before, but it’s a game!
  • All about PVP! Its no secret Cruis3rs Cr3w are insane, fights guaranteed!
  • People who play in the evening/night (we have jobs and lives), main corp playtimes 7pm - 1am EVE Time. Alliance has a wide range with EU, AU and heavy US presence.
  • UK centric but open to anyone, we just like to have fun!
  • Part of a PVP alliance that offers a healthy variety of content

Corp Killboard
Alliance Killboard

What we are NOT :

  • Lovers of Large F1 riddled fleets, no skill or fun in that!
  • People who need more kids or drama in their lives, we are mostly parents!
  • Miserable. We are here for a good time!

Min 25m SP. All we ask is that you are semi-competent, have a good attitude, a sense of humour, and are self sufficient!

In short, if you want a decent small group and a good laugh, perhaps we’re what you need, for marketing and spin see 99% of the other ad’s.

Join us on Discord at T-Wrecks for a chat, or contact Lucky Bee or Ex0101 ingame anytime!

Visit the T-Wrecks Website


Still looking for more savages!!

The pew pew goes on! Still looking for more pilots!!

Need more for a good laugh and salty tear generation!

Join us on your journey for the glory of -10!

(Or keep your sec status intact with a security office just 4 jumps from home!! No more grind!!)

Having a blast in Ahbazon currently with our buddies! Come rack up some green on the kb!

Always looking for more like minded pvp’ers up for a good laugh!!

Come get crazy, need more pilots to wreck all the things!!!

Need more! Low secs kicking off big time, come get a piece of the action!!

Looking for more to join the madness! Lets go pew!!

Come kill stuff with us, its all we do!! Join T-Wrecks today!!

well that was a messy discord entry … uhm … " Failed to load. " uhm … yeah who to i grab and shake for messing with the hamsters.

All sorted and welcome to T-Wrecks Tomas!

Still looking for more pilots for pew pew!!

We need more for pew pew! Much fun to be had!

Still looking!! Come have some fun!!

The pew pew continues! Join us! :smiley:

The weekend is upon us! Come kill all the things!

Still looking for more! Small gangs, big targets!!

Come have some fun with us!! More pilots for late evening pew pew!!

Still looking for more pilots!