Thera Based EU/UK PvP Corp

Is your alliance arsehole?
Is your corp a sh*t house?
Are you cold and lonely?

Look no further! Here at D-Sync we will give you the recognition you deserve and take you under our wing to make you the superhero you deserve to be!

Who we are:
D-Sync is a relatively new PVP focused corp with many veteran players who have been around eve since the beginning of time. Our player base is mainly EU although we do have some token US guys in the ranks. We base out of the mysterious Thera worm hole system with PVP on tap.
We enjoy small to medium size roams across all of New Eden wherever our holes or filaments take us.
We have an absolute blast on coms which at times can be ridiculously funny. If pew and laughter is what you are after, then look no further!

Working mic & English speaking
Good activity
Willing to take part and be part of a team
Thick skinned - you must be able to take a joke!
25 mil SP minimum

What we offer:
Regular roams
Corp issue & contract ships
Doctrine gangs
Daily hilarity

Our Killboard:
Public Channel: D-sync

Come join our public channel and have a chat, see you in space!


To Ze Top

to the top

The top i say!

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bumpy. lets make fwends! <3

To the top :slight_smile:

its almost friday sweet cheeks!

Pop into our in game channel D-sync and have a chat o/\o

something nice

:parrot:Must be good because im here :parrot:

Still looking for pvp players, come join our in game channel D-sync and have a chat.

lots of fun to be had !!!

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need more dudes to make killing rorqs faster! too many to kill not enough time… MOAR PEW!!!

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come join the fun!!

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Come say hello still looking for PVP players