[EU/US] - PVP / WH / D--P is recruiting!

D–P is recruiting!

Have you ever heard about us!? Probably not, because we’re the special ones everybody thinks are weird.
We’re a corp that has existed for over 10 years. We’re all about having a good time while playing the game.

I cant tell you how good of a corp it is, because that’s up to yourself to figure out

What do we offer?

Nullsec space - In Fountain, yes nullsec can actually be a good place! imagine not losing rorquals every other day!!
Drama free - Lots of weird ■■■■ going on, especially on comms. Dark humor is always great!
Pew pew fleets - Small and large scale (you’ll die on most on our fleets)
Rock eating fleets - Yes, every corp needs a solid industrial backbone.
Scary space fleets - Wormholes are scary, right?
Isk making fleets - We’re always in need for more isk to afford our dancers and prostitutes.
Auth system / TS3 / Discord - Security is one thing, but having some IT that breaks down every other day is even better.
Industry bot - Building ships can be pretty hard, but using your brain is even harder, so stop thinking and use our bot!
Extra SRP - Losing your ships can suck, alot. But don’t worry! We’ve got your ass covered, 50% SRP on top of alliance SRP, and even PVE ships SRP.
PI, Ore, loot buybacks - This is where IT comes into play, when its actually working…

We’ve been on top 10 on most alliance’s we’ve been in

What do we require from you?

** Be active** - corps can only function if people actually are active right?
** Newbros are welcome** - Are you new to the game? Or a bitter vet? Fear not! We’re ready to help you learn or get back to the game.
** Follow the alliance requirements**
** Blow ■■■■ up with us, or make our backbone stronger!**
** Full ESI, on our auth system + alliance auth**

How to apply?

Send me an ingame mail: Marsbar Terkelsen
Add me on discord: Marsbar Terkelsen#4898
Join our discord and say hi: https://discord.gg/ugxX69GntF

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