Looking for an easy going EU based PvE/PVP corp!

Evening! 0/

I’m a returning 14.5 mil SP character looking for a PvE/ mission/ ratting corp with a view to eventually learning about and trying to get into that PvP pew pew.

Currently flying a Golem. I’m a pretty easy going guy, based in the UK. Looking for a corp that and doesn’t take itself too serious, have a good laugh with and maybe even a few cans in these pandemic times whilst chucking missiles/slugs/insults across the void.

Message on here or in game,

Hi bud

Apologies for the reply at almost 1am

Had stuff to do in eve. D-Sync are recruiting new bros and people who’ve had a bit of experience too.

If I can invite you on teamspeak tomorrow then you can have a chat see what you think and possibly join in some pew pew later in the evening. We have much to do everyday so you won’t be short of activity and if you can’t make any pew pew then you won’t get shouted at :slight_smile:

Let me know if it sounds like your jive



Hi Maurice,

You sound like you might be a good fit for Corporation 1, have a read below and message grislymonster or myself in game if you’re interested.

Fly safe!

Hay buddy we a small pvp corp eu/usa
We are looking for some good old time toon with some good know how in the game I’ll get you in or pub and have a chat with you soon as am back online FAQ also there is a link to or discord channel

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