D-SYNC is recruiting! - Small Nano Gangers based in Thera [EU]

D-Sync has opened their recruitment in search for new Chill Nano Gangbangers

The Obvious:

  • Small Nano PVP Roams
  • Experienced Pilots
  • Leadership and FC’s with pristine experience
  • Made in Thera
  • No Blues
  • EU Time zone
  • Some English people who claim to be “Scottish”


  • Knows how to manually pilot
  • Learns from it’s mistakes
  • Obviously has brackets in space

Recruitment is open but “Selective”. Give it a shot and see if you’re a good fit. We allow people to come and roam with us to give it a try. Join the in game channel “D-Sync Public” for more info. Or spam me on discord.

Ingame contact Selin Khan, Ganoes Utrigas or Vosx

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