T5 Recruitment


Are a Indy based Corp under the Vindictive Alliance that is part of the Nul group Winter CO: we are recruiting and aiming to push our Indy (and PvE) Corp into a hybrid PvP / Indy Corp.

We live in Nul with a great bunch of people from USA and EU Time Zones. Alpha and Omega players are welcome.

If you like to kill stuff, mine, build and make Isk doing so, then give us a shout.

Alliance and Coalition use Mumble so a head set is required, and all other communication in on Discord.

If you have Questions and interested in joining, Please send a message in game or directly to myself on Discord -T5- Loki Aleris#1370 or my head recruiter Fubar @ zxXFUBARXxz#3646

Loki Aleris

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