Tactically Gifted [T-GIF] - PvP, Industry, AUTZ, located in 0.0

Tactically Gifted [T-GIF] is a small, but burgeoning corp within Tactical Supremacy [TIKLE], a highly active NullSec AUTZ alliance.

T-GIF along with the rest of TIKLE is currently living in Catch with a heavy focus on skirmish and fleet warfare with our immediate neighbours. We also have a wide variety of PVE and Industry activities available to us.

Flying a wide variety of ships from T2 frigs up to Faction Battleships, we are growing in skill and talent as an alliance with a growing Capital wing, here opportunities abound for skilled pilots or those looking to learn.

T-GIF is seeking a wide range of members from those with experience in EVE, but yet to dip their toe into nullsec, to highly experienced pilots looking for something less blobby. In return we offer a light atmosphere of Aussie humour throughout but respectful professionalism during the “gudfights”.

For recruitment join our public channel T-GIF or contact Ariel Rin directly.

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