Taking part in the invasion

Hey all,

Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this, but I’ve been trying to figure out where it would best fit.

I’ve been considering getting involved with the invasions, however I can’t seem to find anything in terms of “community” for them. On the pro trig side, it seems better coordinated, given Ashterothi seems to be heading up that side. They have a website and game channel etc.

However if I wanted to fight for the edencom side, I cannot seem to find anything. I found one reference to an ingame channel, but it has seemed dead.

I guess I’m more used to how well organized the incursion groups traditionally have been.

If anyone has info to point me in the right direction that would be great.

The website you are probably referring to is https://kybernaut.space/. This is the website that was created by Ash and a few other pro-trig players. It has links to our public discord “The Triglavian Initiative.”

In-game we have a few channels “The Triglavian Community” is our community channel which also has links to TTI discord as well as “Kybernaut Swarm” and “Kybernaut Zeta”.

Kybernaut Swarm is the channel we use for forming our public fleets and it has a list of mailing lists for the fits we use.

Mailing Lists:
“Swarm Alpha” - armor fits (most commonly used)
“Swarm Sierra” - shield fits
“Swarm Lima” - lowsec/pvp fits

Zeta fleet is for our high SP players and they use Machariels/Guardians and a few other support ships for their doctrine.

Active invasion targets are (usually) in the Kybernaut Swarm MotD and in #fleet-announcements on the discord.

Has links to the Triglavian and Edencom community discords.

Thanks to both of you

I’m a bit confused as to how https://kybernaut.space/ is easier to find than http://edencom.space/

Maybe one side is better at their SEO. When I googled eve invasion edencom kybernaut.space was on the first page and edencom.space wasn’t even a result on page 2.
Searching these forums yielded similar results.

I guess the trigs are more advanced in marketing as well as tech.

In-game channel: EDENCOM-Defense-Initiative

It has always 200+ online membera

That’s alright. Personally I enjoy winning systems with a fleet that costs less than a single one of their ships. Additionally it’s always nice to receive a battle report where such ships get wasted by Caracals. As a Lowsec player I just intrinsically enjoy seeing people erroneously connect a price tag to performance. Sort of like Officer-fitted Ventures.

cool story. I’m struggling to see how that is relevant as a reply to what I said though…

You mentioned they were better at SEO. I was mentioning that based on their performance, it is good to see that they at least have that, considering everything else. Still, it does intrigue me how the Google algorithm gives them preference.

“low sec player” The only kills you have on this character consists of shooting corvettes.

EDENCOM Defense Initiative is a good info channel on chat. Also, NEW-EDEN-DEFENCE channel. On both channels, you can find Discord addresses and other info. EDENCOM is shield, NEW-EDEN is armor.

If I brought my main character, I’d get shot by the Caldari Navy and the Imperial Navy due to being in the Minmatar Militia. Alternatively I could also be freely engaged by Caldari Militia players and Amarr Militia players. Thus I FC on an alt.

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