Tavern Carvery Alliance looking for social corporations

Tavern Carvery Alliance are looking for social corporations to fly alongside. No requirements and or membership fees for joining corporations

What we offer our member corporations:

  • All member corporation CEO’s have a seat upon the Carvery Council in which to manage the alliance in a democratic fashion where majority votes carry proposals

  • Invention, Research and Manufacturing services at 1% for members

  • Moon mining every week with a required 5% donation to alliance of ores mined

  • Reprocessing, Composite and Hybrid Reaction services at 1% for members

  • C4 WH

  • Regular fleets

  • Ship assistance programme

  • Alliance buyback programme

What we would like from our members:

  • Be social interact with the alliance

  • Join fleets and advertise fleets

  • Willingness to use Discord

  • Agree to the rules of the alliance and make these rules known to their members

  • Agree not to place structures outside of holding

The rules of the alliance are quite simple, don’t be a d*** and be respectful. The 1 % services fees along with 5% mined ore donation are there simply to assist with structure fuel costs and to allow us not to charge for membership (CONCORD alliance maintenance fees). Interested in joining us ? Join Miolas nasty shed in game chat or speak with Holder McHolder


Bumping for corps


Come join us, mine moon and talk non-sense on discord !

Daily bump



Growing slowly come and join the chill




Join. Us. Now.

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