Tempest Theory - Sov Nullsec PVP Corp

We’re a mixed blend of non-bitter vets who fly under the banner Tempest Theory, proudly part of Triumvirate.

Our core focus is PvP, however we easily generate the ISK we need through our juicy null sec space.

We’re currently actively recruiting new members. Looking for PVP enthusiasts solo/small-med gang and industry players with a pvp backbone for empire building!

A little about us

We’re based in nullsec. Our core territory is very secure, but jump bridges allow very easy access to nearby content rich zones.

We’re ambitious. We have clearly defined goals, broken down into bite size chunks so everyone can feel their contributions matter.

We’re semi-casual. No forced ops, CTAs, etc

Very friendly, welcoming community. No toxicity, no elitism, etc. (however an unhealthy dose of sarcasm and inappropriate humour).

Daily small gang roams.

Regular large alliance level fleets.

Not obsessive about killboards, but do like to stay mostly green.

Supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to ‘step up’ to their full potential. (You won’t have to be an F1 clone for 6 months before someone takes your opinion seriously)

What we’re looking for

A good attitude, friendly disposition.

Passion for PvP and previous experience in small gang or large fleet flights.


Relatively active, playing 2-3 times a week or more.

At least 15m SP.

Where to get more information

Join our Discord https://discord.gg/tuQXFfF 8

Join the chat channel ‘Tempest Theory’ in game and speak to one of the recruiters.

Been in here for a bit, solid alliance ops, good fc’s and nice group of people to have fun with.

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After a seven-year break from EVE, I consider myself very fortunate to have found a home in-game like Tempest Theory. Great group of pilots!

Looking for PVP pilots and industrialists with interest in PVP!

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Recruiting PVP/Industrial pilots, please feel free to post here or contact us in-game in our public channel or send me a mail :slight_smile:

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Seeking ACTIVE PVP pilots in all TZ and industrialists with a PVP backbone.



Looking for PVP pilots and Industrialists with a PVP backbone or general interest in PVP.


Still seeking ACTIVE PVP pilots and PVE/Indy pilots with a PVP backbone or mind set :slight_smile: