Test Bong Quality Control Team / Small Gang PvP & Piracy

Test Bong Quality Control Team

Solo & Small Gang PvP is our thing.

o7 Capsuleer,

Test Bong Quality Control Team are a grass roots pirate corporation with great access to Low Sec. We have a mature leadership team that have a wide variety of EvE knowledge and experiences. Yes we are pirates and our main focus is solo & small gang PvP! However we do have various opportunities available for Indy and Miners alike at Test Bong Quality Control Team. We welcome everyone to come live the “Pirates Life” with us!

We are also looking for a few good people who would like to develop into leadership roles within a relaxed and fun corporation environment.

  • Alpha & new player friendly.
  • No skill point requirement.
  • No API Key required.


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We love you long time!

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