I was enthusiastic regarding this article :=

I was thinking : "I would be willing to pay XXX PLEX for a single tree - if coughs CCP employees find a place in ICELAND - where to plant and grow the CCP-FOREST.
Could become many trees over time - could be ongoing - alike : what : you have no tree in Iceland ???

In return - I request a MASSIVE green and golden skin for a ship - I wish.

" looks around for support "
These guys in Iceland are lazy anyway :slight_smile:



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you can pay ccp to plant trees
but i can pay vikings to cut them down again

Thats unfortunate. Then need to plant a lot more. Like a lot, lot more. And keep all those sheeps in some kind of electric fence because else they will eat everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also some muchrooms they need to introduce to these forests, because mushrooms work together with trees to grow stronger trees.

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I don’t know what it costs to plant a tree, but I’d drop 100 bucks into this! :smiley:

If lost in an Icelandic forest? Stand up, look around and see the nearest exit.


Heh, they could plant more but the financing for it is too low. They have money actually. Politics. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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PLEX for Trees. We could do it. We’ve done plenty of good stuff like that before.
(Of course, getting landowners’ permission to plant trees, government permits, whatever might be a lot more complicated than just collecting and donating cash. Don’t know. Still, a thought…)

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