The eve online - friendship - mead real

The EVE Online - Friendship - Mead Real
The Friendship Ships For all 4 Races with Racial bonuses for each Ship
(I Am Thinking Tech 3 Frigates ore Battlecruisers)
Ore 1 Ship mead by The Upwell Consortium as part of a new Line of ships
(I Am Thinking Tech 1 Destroyers ore Battlecruisers, As part of “Future Updates” for Alphas)

Why Destroyers and Battlecruisers You My Ask, Because of the lack of Them on the Ship Tree.
Ore is the Idea total BS.

I saw mead, and got really excited thinking this was about some limited release honey wine based on each of the 4 races (I actually kinda want to make some of that now)

instead I just got some really shitty half thought out idea… take it to the F&I page where it can die with all the rest.
F&I graveyard

also I have no idea wtf you are asking for, how it relates to friendship, or anything else except that I think you want some new t3 frigates? or maybe destroyers or battle-cruisers??? its just a mess.

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The idea was implemented by CCP long time ago, the ships that are Alpha and Omega friendly and they are Gnosis and Sunesis. Battlecruiser and destroyer. If you feel like giving something to someone, these ships can be very good gift.

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i am talking about The Friendship that CCP Guard talks about at Fanfest and Feelgod Clips on the web. I am talking about Making It Real The Friendship. A Real Ship wish to, To Fly in, To Live in, To Die in. :slight_smile: o7

A Real Ship wish to, To Fly in, To Live in, To Die in. :slight_smile: o7

The Friendship already exists in game. It’s my favorite ship to fly.

Please note by the screenshot that it’s strongly suggested you keep a decent party planning guide at hand when piloting the friendship to its fullest extent

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