The Evesploratory Society [ESOCI] is recruiting Industrialists and Anti-Pirates

Valuable resources are located and collected…
Hidden vaults are uncovered and raided…
Pirate staging areas and supply lines destroyed…
Sleepers endanger the lives of those traveling through Anoikis Space…
Capsuleers declare war, and seek to challenge targets of opportunity…

These are all aspects of the life of an explorer.

But when it’s time to return to port, then what?

That is where The Evesploratory Society (ESOCI) comes in. Much like the historic Explorer’s Club, the collection of relics and resources is only part of what we do. ESOCI works to bridge the gap between the explorer and the scientist. We put what we gather to the best possible use to offer goods and services to support fellow explorers.

Offering a series of Waystations in all four of the Empires, as a way to provide explorers with a safe, and secure, haven against the changing politics of New Eden, ESOCI seeks to assist explorers of all creeds, as long as they agree to our non-aggression, and neutrality treatise while using the Waystations. These Waystations provide cloning, 52%-54% refining capability, offices, and a place for the explorer to repair, refuel, and rest, are located in several systems in Empire space, with the crown jewel being Port Mista, located in Domain, just outside of Providence.

In addition to these stations, ESOCI pilots are working diligently to amass resources for numerous individual and group projects, working with researchers and inventors to push the bounds of technology and what is capable on a starship.

All the while, other pilots seek to patrol the space lanes, in both Known and Wormhole Space, to protect those pilots they seek to assist, with small-gang peacekeeping operations using a variety of ships ranging from covert ops frigates, to recon cruisers, to Black Ops battleships, and a variety of Tech 3 level vessels.

Are you an explorer, miner, or industrialist looking to find your place in New Eden? Contact our recruitment team today!

What we offer

  • A low-stress, relaxed environment to learn a variety of aspects of Eve Online, with a central theme of Industry, Mining, and Exploration
  • High Sec and Null Sec mining fleets, with orca and Rorqual boosts
  • Low overhead facilities for research, invention, refining, and manufacturing
  • Several locations to live around New Eden High Sec, with friendly rapport with some null sec alliances, as well as a wormhole system
  • Small-gang PvP focused on anti-piracy tactics, including the protection of friendly mining fleets and other explorers
  • Willing PvE pilots looking to bring justice to the realms of New Eden, and stopping various pirate factions and the Sleepers

Join us by contacting Corran Starchaser orEris Vulpine in game, and stop by our public chat channel ESOCI


Just a vouch for a great group of folks. Good luck with your recruitment! :heart:




We are still looking for pilots interested in mining, industry, and exploration, as well as pilots more interested in DED running and hunting down pirates in all regions of space.

Do you guys have someone(s) from the GMT +5 timezone or nearby/similar?

We are slowly getting people in all time zones, right now our main times tend to be right at GMT, EST, and PST



Hey guys, what areas do you operate within?


You still recruiting?