The Fuel Consortium [LS - EU,US,AU TZs]

The Fuel Consortium’s number one goal is to facilitate your experience in EVE. We are actively recruiting pilots to join us and just have some fun in a relaxed environment.

We Offer:

  • All experience levels and timezones welcome
  • Daily Ice and Ore mining fleet with Rorqual boosts
  • Interesting buy back program for Ice, Ore, and PI products
  • PVP and WH Training
  • Free access to our Refineries and Manufacturing Citadels
  • PvE, PvP , moon mining, PI and more

We are based in the Genesis region and we currently offer buyback programs for Ice, Ore, and Planetary Interaction products. We also perform regular Low-Sec roams. We have a tight knit community and cater to almost every play style. We have pilots in nearly every timezone so playing with others when you are online won’t be a problem.

Don’t see an activity that you would like to participate in? Join anyway and help found that division in the corporation. We thrive from a bottom-up structure and want members like yourself to help shape our corp.

If you are interested, please feel free to join our discord server here or message us in game in our public channel “The Fuel Consortium Public”.

We look forward to flying with you!
-Achilles Aristotle

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