The Graduates - PvP are recruiting

In August of 2006, 25 directors, staff, instructors and students graduated from the High Security home of EVE University and embarked upon a mission to provide it’s students an expanded EVE experience in Null Security space under the Ivy League banner.

That once small and bold band of adventurers became a core member of Big Blue and quickly gained a reputation for punching above its weight in the regions of Pure Blind, the Drone regions, Syndicate, Fountain, Tribute, Delve, Curse, Tenal, Vale of the Silent and Cloud Ring. Today, The Graduates have matured to a formidable 430 member 0.0 PvP force while retaining those same Ivy values.

Our membership consists mostly of older, professional, and ex-military players. Our culture is based upon mentorship, maturity, and aggressive PvP. We consider PvP sport and appreciate it as sportsmen. We play as a team.

Our Code of Conduct:
• Sportsmanship in victory and defeat. We don’t talk smack, chest beat, or whine.
• Fair play in gaming. No exploiting or scamming.
• Tough sheriffs at home, good EVE citizens abroad. (NBSI in 0.0, NRDS in lowsec).
• We are good friends to friends, killers of killers, honorable in diplomatic relations and are anti-piracy.
• All-for-one, and one-for-all. Everyone fights.

TGRAD is the oldest and largest corporation in The Initiative. We are the top ranking corporation in kills in INIT. We rank 14th overall in kills in the game.

Our organization is flat, egalitarian, accommodating and friendly. Every facet of the organization is characterized by experience, generosity and maturity, providing you with good natured, concerned friends from a blend of experienced veterans and excitable recruits. Our members come from all over the globe and from every walk of life. All share one thing in common; enjoying the vast expanses of New Eden within a team of positive, like-minded individuals. We are well represented in the European, US and Australian Times zones. We are family oriented both in game and out. We expect our members to fly and fight with us in defense of our sovereignty when time permits.

If you are:

  • Looking for a corporation where the members are mature, good natured, generous friends, and hard fighters…
  • Tired of the typical politics, back-stabbing and smacking in PvP alliances currently dominating the game…
  • A seasoned empire player who wants to try out 0.0 space and PvP…
  • A player who wishes to broaden their game and play experience without corporate and alliance tyranny…
  • An EVE University alumnus looking for that next great adventure…
  • Ready to play EVE at the top of the end game with a large independent Corporation and a top 10 ranked independent Alliance, where you can make a difference and effect change…

Then join us in The Graduates.

You will benefit by:

  • Playing with a large null sec corporation, active in all time zones and a strong esprit d’corps.
  • Enjoying the freedom to experience everything New Eden offers whether its 0.0 space, PvP, Industry, Mining, Ratting, or Exploring.
  • Participating in 0.0 PvP with ship replacement policies at the Corporate and Alliance level.
  • Playing alongside literally hundreds of grizzled, not-so-bitter EVE veterans with a wide range of 0.0 experience, who enjoy mentoring pilots newer to 0.0 PvP.
  • Living in a supportive, learning and growth oriented atmosphere similar to that of EVE University.
  • Access to capital ships at reduced cost.

Your success in joining us requires:

  • 15M Skill Point minimum (may be waived for qualified players and those sponsored by current TGRADs). EVE University graduates are expected to have at least 5M Skll Points. Completion of E-Uni PvP small gang fleet classes and PvP operations are highly recommended.
  • 6 months in game.
  • Judicious restraint from the use of offensive or foul language, bad behavior or illicit content.
  • A positive, friendly and mature attitude.
  • Politeness and helpful interaction with any member of TGRAD and Alliance mates at all times.
  • Participation in corporation and alliance events.
  • Ability to fly or quickly train into fleet doctrines.

We are always seeking pilots, new and old who share our vision. Come join the adventure!
For more information, and to talk to a recruiter , join our public channel “-TGRAD Pub-” and visit our web page and wiki

If you’re intested in joining us be sure to join our in game channel to get started!


See you there!

If you like dread brawls get in touch :wink:

“NRDS in lowsec”

Give up on all that rubbish. You are a part of a 0.0 alliance. I remember being in a fleet with you lot when we were in Razor and you suddenly invoked this policy that the rest of the alliance didnt follow and refused to shoot. We were on an important op as memory serves.

So one minute the FC thinks he has 50 on his side, next he realises he has 30 cos 20 “Graduates” refuse to shoot.

Ask yourselves why do you have this policy and it will come down to: “reasons”

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