The.Kin.of.Jupiter is looking to expand (HS Industrial Corp)

Semi-casual dictator looking to expand HS Industrial corp.

We are a member of the Cauldron of Ecstasy alliance. As a corporation we offer mining and mission fleets on a regular bases (I try to log on and host mission or mining fleets after work). The Alliance offers multiple PVP and PVE fleets throughout the week as well. So we have the option to stay rather busy and have a good group of active players to hangout with if that is your thing.

Additional things we offer or are in development of.

Buyback Program: We are expanding our buyback program to include pretty much everything.
Mining options: Ever expanding resource gathering options, and support fleets.
Production options: Ever expanding list of blueprints to access.

Please check us out in game - chat channel .KOJ.Support or our discord The.Kin.of.Jupiter
Once you join the discord or chat channel please follow the instructions or say hello and one of the Alliance/Corp members will assist you as best they can (I have a RL job, and work a lot of hours, so I am not always able to check discord throughout the day).

Thank you for checking us out, I hope to see you in space.


Still open to new members. Though we do not offer everything, we offer enough to get your feet wet and to splash around in.

You got Discord ?

Still open and looking for new members.

We are still looking for new members - open to those who enjoy a casual and relaxing time.

So any corporation activities in the Metropolis region not wanting to kick the can again until it’s semi permanent move…greener per past experience was paint or a sewer leak so taking it slow and asking questions before i spend multiple days moving again.?

Hopfully not to specific.

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