(Amarisen Gream) #1

I recently broke off from the null-sec group I was flying with ,COGG (, to form up a High-sec mission, mining, resource wars, and FOB PVE based corp that focuses on being a good relaxed place to enjoy EVE before and/or after work.

I’m not only looking for corp mates to log on and have a laugh with about life and EVE, but also looking for friends and partners to grow stronger with.

I don’t have plans to be some all powerful null-sec corp or alliance. Just want to slice of the New Eden PIE and to achieve it with fellow humans.

I think this song represents my feelings well!

Someday I would like to get invested in WH life for the industrial opportunities.

(Dennis Yaille King) #2

We think alike :wink:

Perhaps this could be the start of something glorious?

(Amarisen Gream) #3

Cool. I’ll send you a message in-game!

(Hakisho Yomatisu) #4

hey man, if you still looking, i think we got whats just right for you.

(Ignatius Leopardi) #5

I’d be interested in such a corporation.

(system) #6

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