The Lostborn are Recruiting Active/Former Military personnel, Experienced Players, and Newbros interested in learning and growing


Who are We

The Lostborn is a Corporation built for players from all walks of life with a leaning towards military personnel.
Unlike many corps, we are not run by a single CEO, but by a Council allowing for a more diverse outlook from the leadership and increasing the odds of one being available when needed.


What is our Purpose

The Lostborn are capsuleers from all backgrounds, joined together to form a Spec Ops/Homeguard team. As such, each member, besides their normal chosen roles in the corporation, shall receive anti-capsuleer combat training covering various tactics and techniques as well as Fleet combat techniques.


What is Your place in The Lostborn

Your place in this corporation is up to you. You may take on any role you choose and show yourself capable of. The only requirements are that you show courtesy to all “blue” or higher pilots and that if The Lostborn are called to action that you stop your current action and join in on the task at hand, be it defending our Home System or rescuing a pilot in need of aid.

This should not be a common situation, as the call for The Lostborn to mobilize in force will only be in times of need, though those looking to test their skills against other capsuleers will have plenty of chances as there will be frequent Fleet roams searching to clear nearby space of pirates and
hostile capsuleers.


What are we looking for

The Lostborn are looking for all capsuleers, regardless of your chosen professions in game. Those with real life military experience or those with extensive experience within the game will have the opportunity for immediate placement in Leadership(Officer) roles, while Newbros(those whom are new to the game) may start as Enlisted members, but will have plenty of opportunities to advance through merit.


Please submit an application or join us on The Lostborn in game public channel.

Six is a good place for new player

where do you submit an application ?

Just message me (Crolin Lostborn) or join the recruitment channel The Lostborn.

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